Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Self sabotage
Failure to achieve your goals could be down to a number of factors. One of them being self-sabotage.

There is an old saying that the very person standing in the way of your success is yourself. Could there be some truth in this when it comes to you? Although we wish to change our current circumstances, there are many sabotaging acts that we perform to ourselves.

It is easy to place the blame on outside sources, especially when success seems so hard to attain. However, it takes true courage to look within yourself and identify your own personal flaws. If you are having trouble reaching a personal goal, perhaps consider these signs that point to your own self sabotage.

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Take a look at these 6 points and find out if you’re the enemy of your own progress and you’re really shooting yourself in the foot all the time.

1. Are You Comfortable Being Stagnant?

Success requires leaving your comfort zone and pushing your own personal boundaries. Often times, people fear leaving what they know because they’re afraid of the unknown. Are you caught in the trap of being comfortable? If so, you may be holding yourself back from the success you deserve.

For the happiest life, days should be rigorously planned, nights left open to chance

2. Do You Enlighten Yourself?

If you aren’t surrounding yourself with inspiration or opportunities for knowledge, you are setting yourself up for failure. Much of this includes not practicing, not devoting time to your goals, or even reading. By fully immersing yourself in your goals, you are likely to stay motivated. Keeping yourself engaged is one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling aspects of achieving success. Train your mind to constantly want to get better and you will always seek achievement as opposed to staying comfortable.

3. Are You Surrounding Yourself With Toxic People?

A flower cannot bloom in a field of weeds. If so, the process is rare and complicated. The same is true with us; we cannot reach a certain level of success if we surround ourselves with toxic individuals. Often times, we keep those in our inner circle for fear of conflict, fear of letting go, or other reasons. However, keeping negative energy within your life will only stifle your future success. Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you in order to reach the level of achievement you deserve.

[penci_blockquote align=”none” author=”Norman Vincent”]CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, YOU CHANGE YOUR WORLD[/penci_blockquote]

Self sabotage is similar to chasing your own tail.

4. Do You Put Yourself Down?

Speaking negatively about yourself is the number one reason for failure. These negative thoughts can begin to infiltrate your actions and thus hold you back. Do you constantly tell yourself that you aren’t good enough, capable, or even deserving of success? If so, you are holding yourself back from growth.

5. Do You Fail to Act?

Failing to act can be just as bad as negative self-talk. Why? Because actions create results. It is easy to idealize your dreams, but it’s quite another to actually take steps towards them. It is easy to get into the habit of talking about ideas or aspirations without making instant moves. This only creates an atmosphere of inactivity that drains motivation. If you wait for the right conditions to act, the opportunity may be passed. This is why acting is so vital.

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6. Are You Negative?

Energy is contagious and very real. If you give out negative energy, likely you will get that back. If you are mean, vindictive, or complain endlessly, that same energy will come back to you. If you find yourself in the midst of drama or surrounding by bad circumstances, take a good look at the energy you are putting out. This will determine if your energy is pure or toxic.

[penci_blockquote align=”left” author=””]Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else[/penci_blockquote]

Sabotaging your own success is a sad and disappointing experience. With so many outside factors contributing to possible failure, it only makes sense to be your biggest advocate. In order to do so, you have to believe in yourself more than others will. By doing so, you will guarantee your own personal success without holding yourself back.

Written by Michael Allsworth

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