7 Main Tenets Of Self-Growth

A tenet can be defined as, “A principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true.” It is universally accepted that plants need sunlight, and water to properly flourish and grow. Those principles help to shape the development of gardens and wildlife all around the world. When it comes to personal growth, there are similar principles that we must abide by to avoid stagnation.

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There are 7 of these tenets that have been discussed here. Read them and share with your online community.

1. Reshape Your Personal Perception

When a flower is healthy and confident, it stands tall. It allows the sun to bask in its beauty. Similarly, when we feel good about ourselves, we demonstrate that same confidence. In order to grow in a strong manner, you have to eliminate negative self-perception. You must see yourself as valuable, capable, and highly skilled. By doing so, you will begin to behave in a way that aligns with your self-affirmations.

For the happiest life, days should be rigorously planned, nights left open to chance

2. Embrace New Concepts

When a plant begins to wither, even when given adequate water and light, they may be unhappy in their present environment. By moving them to another area of the home, they may begin to thrive again. Similarly, if we never embrace anything new, we will become stagnant in our thinking. There is much to be learned from trying new things, meeting new people, and immersing yourself in a new culture.

3. Challenge Yourself – Sit in Discomfort

The greatest gain comes from extreme discomfort. When starting a new exercise routine, typically the first few sessions will be difficult. You may experience pain, discouragement, and even temptation. Nonetheless, as you push through the anxiety, you will achieve that muscle growth.

In the same manner, when we endure obstacles, we are strengthening ourselves. It is easy to give up and walk away from something difficult. However, what are you learning? In essence, you are inhibiting evolution. In every difficult situation there is a valuable lesson. Stick it out, and you’ll begin to see a strength you never knew you had.

[penci_blockquote align=”none” author=”Norman Vincent”]CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, YOU CHANGE YOUR WORLD[/penci_blockquote]

4. Eliminate Toxic Relationships

When plants have dead leaves or weeds growing in their area, that rot tends to move upward; thus, overtaking the plant. Gardeners must clip away the dead ends in order to save the future of the plant.

When you keep unhealthy individuals in your life, their bad habits will eventually rub off on you. They won’t encourage you to broaden your mind or leave behind old habits. Have the courage to notice who in your life is toxic and walk away from them with urgency!

5. Accept What You Cannot Control

When a terrible storm ensues, plants in a garden cannot pick up their roots and run for shelter. Rather, they have to endure the storm and accept what is to come. In our lives, we encounter situations that are beyond our control. We may try our best to manipulate the conditions, but that ultimately leaves us with anxiety.

In order to grow and flourish, you have to accept people, and situations for what they are. You are only in control of how you react. Learn to regulate your emotions and embrace spontaneity.

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6. Stray From Inactivity

It’s easy to remain stagnant while wishing for an opportunity to occur. Wishes only turn into reality through taking action. If there is something you are desiring to do, eliminate unnecessary brainstorming and begin to create. Accomplish the items on your list without making excuses. By doing so, you will see what you are truly capable of.

[penci_blockquote align=”left” author=””]Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else[/penci_blockquote]

7. Nurture Yourself Thoroughly

Plants and flowers require care from outside sources to survive. We as humans have the ability to nurture ourselves through self-care. Designate a few minutes each day to taking care of yourself. Indulge in an activity you love, pamper yourself, or take a moment to relax. You will restore your energy without having a meltdown!

Growth is a beautiful part of life as it challenges our mind and body to perform in surprising ways. Embrace growth and never fear the endless possibilities associated with it. Soon, you will appreciate the time and care directed towards your self-improvement.

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Written by Michael Allsworth

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