It Takes Courage To Take Action

The majority of us are uncomfortable with change. It causes distress, anxiety, and even some pressure. Ironically, although the process of change is relatively challenging, the outcome is usually that of strength and beauty.

Often times, we are our greatest roadblocks on the road to success. We allow our fears and ‘what if’s’ to mold our decisions. However, in order to evolve into our greatest potential, we have to put in a balanced amount of effort in order to achieve our goals. By understanding and acknowledging the possible fears associated with taking action, we may become better equipped to overcome these fears.

Fear of Honesty

It takes courage to take action and strive for greatness. For one, it’s daring to acknowledge that there is a problem. For example, if someone decides that their current lifestyle is unhealthy, they are acknowledging that there is something specific about themselves that they dislike. It takes a strong and brave person to honestly admit their flaws. Many live with a romanticized view of themselves, which prevents them from excelling. When you say to yourself, “hey, I don’t like this or that about myself or my situation and I want to change,” you are taking a stand against normality.

Fear of Judgment

The opinions of others are a bittersweet weight that prevents many people from reaching their goals. Taking action is a visual representation of what you intend to accomplish. Some people may watch your moves and express their opinions on what you’re doing. It takes a brave person to block out the views of others and do what they know is going to help their progression.

Fear of Failure

When you finally decide to put physical effort into a goal or dream, there is also the caveat of failure. The inevitable “what ifs” are like weighted bags on a sinking ship. Taking a risk and accepting the challenges that come along with striving for success is a sign of bravery. Sure, it’s easy to remain complacent and allow the fear of failure to consume you. However, ask yourself, am I living to my fullest potential if I allowed this fear to rule my decisions?

Fear of Change

Fear of change must be overcome in order to take action and many any changes you strive for in your life. Taking action involves change simply because it forces us to switch our routine. We are accustomed to eating a certain way, talking a certain way, and using our talents in a certain way. Often times, when we are asked to modify these protocols, it scares us.

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Written by Michael Allsworth

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